Monday, 24 May 2010


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UroBux - A Place to Earn online!



Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Well, here we offer you to join through our refferal, What's the point? :

(1) BONUS $ 1

Each click of the mouse, you get paid from the PTC you follow, and every click you make, we got too. We get from your work? Yes that way the affiliate work, and the commissions we get will not reduce your money! The Company was the one who gave us. None lose here! But wait! We know ourselves anyway, we'll give you a commission of $ 1 every ptc you follow through the link I provided AFTER YOU GET MINIMUM OF 200 CLICKS

Here's how to get bonus from us:
1. Sign up for PTC with via a link to this page
2. Bonuses will be given if we've ever Pay Out in the PTC.
4. Bonuses will be via Paypal.
5. Bonuses can not be accumulated for several PTC.
6. Since many human beings who entrust us as a referral, we will not check member referrals that have been entitled to a bonus one by one. So you have to confirm after reaching the target. Send a confirmation email to with subject "BONUS $1", with the contents:

PTC Name:
Your Name:
Sum of your clicks:
Please transfer to: ....

If there are complaints or some of the things you want to say, please enter in the comments of this page

Bonuses will be dismissed if the PTC is a SCAM / No pay / other problem occurred!. Yes because it is not possible, we pay you for something that does not produce, I will get bankrupt hehehe.

(2) Guide to Success

To invites people to follow this business is not as difficult as taking a business that needs capital. Moreover, internet marketing does not require face to face meeting, so it is not necessary to have verbal skills at all. Even so, not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.

Within this online business, seriousness, focus, and especially patience are critical. Why so? Yes because the results can not instantly you get. You have to do a "fasting" had for some time (depending on how active you are) to be able to enjoy your first dollar. In this phase, many online businesses that failed miserably, because of the 'bored' waiting, and finally stopped!

To this end we will guide you to succeed as much as possible. Because for us obviously, we're not going to succeed regardless of your success. The more we maximize your profits, the maximum is also our advantage. To this end we will be glad to help you step by step to succeed. Win-win solution, isn't it?